Join the CEPSEM

Members of the CEPSEM believe in the freedom of choice of Quebecers for a health network offering a plurality of services and also in the positive and complementary role that private organisations should play in the proper functioning of a fair, accessible, efficient and equitable health system.

Why become a member of the Council of private health and wellness organisations (CEPSEM)?


Entering its 11th year of existence, the CEPSEM is the only multi-sectoral health forum that promotes plural delivery of services, as part of our publicly funded health system.

Membership fees allow the CEPSEM to represent the private health sector and to articulate the following :

  • To rally the interests of private companies, co-ops and non-profit organizations in the health sector in Quebec.
  • To contribute in a positive manner in improving of our health system.
  • To foster collaboration and dialogue between the public and the private health sector in Quebec.
  • To analyze and conduct research on the best health practices in Quebec, among our partners.
  • To organize viewing events showing best practices.
  • To implement a spokesperson strategy through the publication of blogs.
  • To promote achievements of CEPSEM’s members, both publicly and during CEPSEM activities.
  • To engage conversations within CEPSEM’s members in order to develop collaborative projects.
  • To initiate awareness campaigns on social media (Mouvement innovation santé – in French) (Mouvement innovation santé)
  • To act as lobbyists with government authorities, political parties, public administrations, health networks, etc.

* Bronze membership: 1 person per company (any additional attendant pays the non-member fee)
NON-MEMBER : Maximum 2 events, fee may vary upon event

To become a member or to renew your membership for 2024-2025, click here to complete the membership form.